KPHP — a PHP compiler

KPHP — a PHP compiler · KPHP compiles a limited subset of PHP, making it run faster than plain PHP

KPHP — a PHP compiler Github page KPHP is a PHP compiler. It compiles a limited subset of PHP to a native binary running faster than PHP. KPHP take… (8 kB)

Ma considerando che:

  • It doesn’t support features that can’t be compiled, such as calling by name or mocks.
  • It won’t compile code, that breaks the type system, for instance, mixing numbers and objects in an array.
  • It doesn’t have PHP features that never had a need for, such as SPL classes and XML parsing.
  • Some PHP syntax details just weren’t implemented, like generators and anonymous classes.

in pratica, se davvero ne hai la necessità, fai prima a passare a Hack :slightly_smiling_face:

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