A chat with the AI about Love!

To stimulate the AI (https://chat.openai.com/) I asked a purely human question:

“What are the things one needs to know before getting married?”

This was the answer:

There are many things to consider before getting married, and what is most important will vary depending on the individual. Some common things to consider before getting married include:

  1. Finances: Marriage often involves combining finances, so it’s important to have open and honest conversations about money before getting married. This can include discussions about income, debts, and financial goals.
  2. Communication: Effective communication is essential for a healthy marriage. Before getting married, it’s important to discuss your communication styles and work on developing effective ways to communicate with each other.
  3. Commitment: Marriage is a commitment to a lifelong partnership. It’s important to be sure that you’re ready for this level of commitment before getting married.
  4. Family: Your spouse’s family will become a part of your life, and vice versa. It’s important to consider how you will navigate family relationships and any potential challenges that may arise.
  5. Personal growth: Marriage can be a source of personal growth, but it can also be a source of conflict if both partners are not committed to personal growth. Before getting married, it’s important to discuss your individual goals and how you can support each other’s growth as individuals.
  6. Compromise: No relationship is perfect, and compromise is a necessary part of any successful marriage. Before getting married, it’s important to discuss your willingness to compromise and find a balance that works for both partners.
  7. Trust: Trust is essential for a healthy marriage. Before getting married, it’s important to discuss your trust levels and work on building trust with each other.
  8. Expectations: It’s important to have realistic expectations about marriage and to discuss these expectations with your partner before getting married. This can include expectations about roles and responsibilities within the relationship, as well as expectations about the future.
  9. Love: Ultimately, the most important thing to consider before getting married is whether you truly love and are committed to your partner. It’s important to be sure that you are ready to make the commitment to a lifelong partnership before getting married.

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‘Into the Wild’ bus removed from Alaska backcountry

The Famous bus from the film “Into the Wild” has been removed from Alaska’s backcountry for public safety reasons.
This happened on JUNE 2020 (maybe on the 18th).

Cheat Sheets for data science



Basic Python

  1. gto76 — extensive Python cheat sheet offered by GitHub
  2. memento
  3. Pythoncheatsheet.org
  4. Cheatography
  5. Python crash course
  6. DataQuest ( basic and intermediate )
  7. MementoPython3


  1. DataCamp
  2. Intellipat
  3. A Little Bit of Everything
  4. Data Quest
  5. NumPy for R (and S-plus) Users
  6. Ipgp_github


  1. The Most Comprehensive Cheat Sheet
  2. BecomingHuman.AI
  3. The Beginner’s Cheat Sheet
  5. Data Science Central (compact)


  1. Datacamp
  2. GitHub
  3. Cheatography
  4. Becominghuman.ai
  5. Travis_Blog


  1. Datacamp
  2. Cheatography
  3. MartinNormark
  4. kaggle


  1. SQL_Detailed
  2. LearnSQL
  3. SQL_Tutorial
  4. SQL_Joins
  5. Intellipat
  6. BuggyProgrammer

Web Scraping Tools

  1. Data Camp (Python webscraping)
  2. Beautifulsoup -Tutorialspoint
  3. Web Scraping with Scrapy and MongoDB
  4. Beautiful Soup — Akul’s Blog
  5. Beautiful Soup — Cheatography
  6. Selenium — Intellipaat
  7. Selenium — Automatetheplanet

Some blogs and GitHub repositories with more details : —

Medium Blog by Frank

Blog by Hartley Brody

GitHub Repo — YUSUZECH

Making Web Crawlers Using Scrapy for Python — DataCamp

Use web scraping to become more competitive

Here is am article on Legal issues associated with Web scraping.

Data Visualization Tools


  1. Intellipat
  2. Tableau_community
  3. howto
  4. Datacamp

Maths and Statistics

  1. Probability
  2. Statistics
  3. Linear Algebra
  4. Matrices
  5. Calculus/Trignometry_etc
  6. Stats_for_interviews

Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning Algorithms





Reinforcement Learning

  1. Reinforcement Learning Cheatsheet
  2. RL Cheatsheet Github

Deep Learning and NLP

  1. AndrewNG_DeepLearning
  2. Stanford(deep learning)
  3. Stanford(neural_nets)
  4. Datacamp (Keras)
  5. Aimov_institute


  1. BecomingHuman.AI
  2. Altoros
  3. Github
  4. Stanford.edu
  5. Cheatography
  6. HackerNoon
  7. TensorFlow


  1. BuggyProgrammer
  2. DataCamp
  3. Quick_tutorial


  1. Cheatography
  2. Computingeverywhere
  3. nltk.org


  1. Spacy.io
  2. Datacamp
  3. kaggle
  4. Cheatography

IDE and OS


  1. Linux_OS
  2. Cheatography
  3. Guru99

Jupyter Notebook

  1. Datacamp
  2. Cheatography
  3. Edureka
  4. Anaconda


  1. DataCamp
  2. Edureka.co
  3. Intellipaat
  4. Cheatography


  1. BitBucket
  2. Freecodecamp
  3. Gitlab
  4. GitHub
  5. Git_Training
  6. Intellipat


  1. Pytorch.org
  2. Pytorch.org (for beginners)
  3. KDNuggets
  4. Cheatography
  5. Github
  6. ProgrammerSought
  7. TechRepublic

3D printer.

I bought a 3D printer, fascinated by what I could create.

However, the best thing that happened was not what I created, but how it changed the way I think. 

What I mean to say is, that the most important change the 3D printer made in my life is not the the creation of things itself, but the way to approach a problem.

Before, when I had an issue, I just accepted it with an indifferent and submissive state of mind.

Then, after buying a 3D printer, when I came face-to-face with a problem I was trying to figure out how to resolve it: before my first thought was :”ok, it is ok!”, but now: “ok, I have a problem. How can I solve it?”.

My first thought was :”ok, it is ok.”, but now: “ok, I have a problem. How can I solve it?”.

Through this new way of thinking, I printed many curious and useful things.

I know that the things I have created are not indispensable and often of little use, but their greatest contribution is not to solve the particular problem but to change the approach that I have to problems.

It is with this philosophy that I created a large variety of different things, such as: a cart opener, a fan holder, toy repairs (repair or rebuild broken parts of toys) , rooftop cargo carrier, an ice cream holder (to keep my daughter’s hands from getting dirty), an extension for worn out pencils, personalized gifts, silhouettes for shadow theater, a carrot holder, and also do some wonderful research for school (like when I printed the skull of the first Australopithecus Lucy).