3D printer.

I bought a 3D printer, fascinated by what I could create.

However, the best thing that happened was not what I created, but how it changed the way I think. 

What I mean to say is, that the most important change the 3D printer made in my life is not the the creation of things itself, but the way to approach a problem.

Before, when I had an issue, I just accepted it with an indifferent and submissive state of mind.

Then, after buying a 3D printer, when I came face-to-face with a problem I was trying to figure out how to resolve it: before my first thought was :”ok, it is ok!”, but now: “ok, I have a problem. How can I solve it?”.

My first thought was :”ok, it is ok.”, but now: “ok, I have a problem. How can I solve it?”.

Through this new way of thinking, I printed many curious and useful things.

I know that the things I have created are not indispensable and often of little use, but their greatest contribution is not to solve the particular problem but to change the approach that I have to problems.

It is with this philosophy that I created a large variety of different things, such as: a cart opener, a fan holder, toy repairs (repair or rebuild broken parts of toys) , rooftop cargo carrier, an ice cream holder (to keep my daughter’s hands from getting dirty), an extension for worn out pencils, personalized gifts, silhouettes for shadow theater, a carrot holder, and also do some wonderful research for school (like when I printed the skull of the first Australopithecus Lucy).